• AjaxTraceConsole - Allows for easy ASP.Net AJAX debugging during development.


  • - A Free Open Source DotNetNuke Help Desk / Support Desk / Ticket Tracker Module
  • DnnScanFree - A DotNetNuke module and associated windows forms client that facilitates the scanning and processing of documents using box codes
  • IWeb - An extensible framework for DotNetNuke allowing developers to use web methods that are integrated with the DotNetNuke security context.
  • IWebWF - Windows Workflow Foundation Hosting Framework. Allows hosting of workflows that use web services.
  • OpenLight ConfigEditor - A simple DotNetNuke module that can be used to edit and restore the web.config file in a DotNetNuke installation.

Silverlight and DotNetNuke

Silverlight 1.0

  • Detect Silverlight - Detect if Silverlight is installed.
  • Silverlight VR360 - A Silverlight application that will allow a user to rotate an object that you create, a full 360 degrees along both axis.
  • SilverlightToolBar - A Toolbar that uses individual controls using techniques covered in the previous tutorials. Simply add a picture and a website address to the array to add additional items.

Silverlight 2.0

Silverlight 3.0

Windows Phone Applications

BMI Calculator - This Body Mass Index Calculator has all of the features you are looking for including both standard (imperial) or metric support and BMI charts for adults and children.

Buzzword Bingo - Buzzword Bingo is the cure to the boring business meetings and general drudgery of office life.

Electronics Explorer - Need an easy way to find the electronics store around your current location? Explore your surrounding area for the highest rated electronics outlet and get directions quickly and easily.

GasApp - Easily shows how much money you can expect to spend in gas based on your vehicle, daily mileage and average fuel cost. This app is great for anyone trying to budget their fuel expenses or purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle.

Grocery Getter - Need an easy way to find the grocery stores around your current location?

IP Calculator - A great utility to have in hand when you need it. Support calculations for IP versions 4 or 6.

Java Junkies - Need to find the closest cup of coffee quickly? Grab this app and get your fix!

Smoke Free Me - Quitting smoking is hard... really hard. Trust me I know, this app was written while I quit smoking. Luckily, I had loved ones and information to help with the process. Including a friend of mine that suggested a phone app might be helpful, and so Smoke Free Me was born. 
Time Tracker - Quickly and easily track tasks and the time spent on each one. This app was created to fill a need to track billable hours on software projects but can be used in any type of project.

Whoopee Cushion - The classic prank is now on your phone. It had to be built, and now it has been!

WiFi nder - Looking for a place to get a free WiFi connection? Grab this app and get hooked up!


OpenLight Group Commerical Projects



  • BuyNowButton Module - a module to setup a PayPal BuyNow button on a DotNetNuke site that does not require knowledge of HTML.
  • Google Analytics Module - add Google Analytics tracking to any DotNetNuke site quickly and without knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.
  • PageLastUpdated Module - an extendable module used to display the last date and time content on a page was updated.