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LightSwitch: We Now Have Our 'Killer App'



** Update: See my walk-thru at: Using OLAP for LightSwitch **

Ok folks, I am ‘gonna call it’, we have the “Killer Application” for LightSwitch, ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch (live demo) (you can get it for $295).
Remember when Oprah Winfrey called Barack Obama “The One” ? Well, I think ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch may be “The One” for LightSwitch. This is the plug-in that for some, becomes the deciding factor to use LightSwitch or not.

A “Killer App” is an application that provides functionality that is so important, that drives the desire to use the product that it is dependent upon. The Halo series made the Xbox what it is today. For the Xbox, Halo was the “killer app”.
The funny thing is that ComponentOne already has a OLAP for Silverlight. The reason it is a “Killer App”, is how it leverages what is so great about LightSwitch. ComponentOne's “Nice App” becomes a “Killer App” when it is “inside” of LightSwitch.

All the major control vendors have products for LightSwitch that they have already announced. The “dirty little secret” is that all they are doing is repackaging existing products to work with LightSwitch. In case you didn’t know what is really going on with the Visual Studio LightSwitch launch (let me just stop for a moment and remind you that this is all my opinion, and I do not speak for Microsoft, and I actually know nothing for certain):

  • LightSwich is being marketed to people who may not otherwise use Visual Studio. This will allow Visual Studio to grow market share.
  • EVERYONE is on board with this (including yours truly). This plan has no downside, however, it does require control vendors to re-package their controls as LightSwitch extensions.
  • LightSwitch works great as a superior easy to use View Model Framework for building professional applications (ahem… I wrote a book on the subject, feel free to get a copy at this link).
  • Did I mention that EVERYONE is on board with this plan?

But now we have a “Killer App”. No need to get into tireless arguments with developers who are afraid of the changes in the status quo that a tool such as LightSwitch brings. Now we can simply show a person this video, and say “you can build this app, with no programming, in less than 2 minutes… period”.

ComponentOne’s OLAP For Silverlight Control came out 4 months ago, the difference is that you could not create a complete application in 2 minutes, unless you use it in LightSwitch. Also, you can use the LightSwitch Excel Importer to quickly get data into your application.

Yes, this is a game changer. LightSwitch has always been a game changer, now it has it’s “Killer App”.

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Avatar  admin account 8 years ago

@Rahul Chitale - I think that opening Excel and connecting to the data source manually and using a web page is a very big difference.

Avatar  Rahul Chitale 8 years ago

For enterprise scenarios, wouldn't this killer app already be available, in a sense, using Excel PowerPivot & SharePoint combined ? No dev involved there either.

Avatar  admin account 8 years ago

@Fallon - What it allows, data mining, printing, ect for so little work, is unprecedented.

Avatar  Fallon 8 years ago

I saw the video, and it's real nice, but terms like "Killer App" are a bit strong, and better used after it's proven.<br /><br />On the Oprah statement, again, it's best for people to wait until it's over before making sweeping generalizations. Having said that, it doesn't look like a good outcome(but I've been wrong before, lol).

Avatar  Ben Hayat 9 years ago

I thought she meant to say, "He is going to be the *Best* president". And I said "She didn't predict it right".<br />But thanks for clarification.

Avatar  admin account 9 years ago

@Ben Hayat - She meant he is the one who can get elected :)

Avatar  Ben Hayat 9 years ago

><br /><br />But, she turned out to be wrong... :-)