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Silverlight 3 Hello World Tutorial


I finally got around to creating a DotNetNuke 5 and Silverlight 3 "Hello World" tutorial. Keep in mind that all the Silverlight 2 tutorials still apply so I wont "redo" any of them.

One thing that is different about this tutorial is that I am using the authentication cookie that DotNetNuke passes to the web browser (and Silverlight then passes to the web service) to authenticate the user . This allows me to eliminate code that I normally use in tutorials such as this one: Silverlight 2.0 Webservice Example.

However, this comes at a price. If the user "times out" on the DotNetNuke site due to a period of inactivity, they will also "time out" in the Silverlight application.

One of the advantages of Silverlight is that the user never has to "time out". A person could use your DotNetNuke Silverlight application, go to lunch,and when they come back they can pick up from where they left off without logging back in.

For this reason, projects such as for DotNetNuke will still continue to use the previous method.

The new tutorial is at:

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