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User growth on

I ran this query on the

select qty AS UserCount, substring(mo,charindex(mo,'/'),50) as date
from (select mo=convert(varchar(2),month(CreatedOnDate)) + '/' + convert(varchar(4), year(CreatedOnDate)) 
 ,qty=count(convert(varchar(2),month(CreatedOnDate)) + '/' + convert(varchar(4), year(CreatedOnDate)))
 from Users group by convert(varchar(2),month(CreatedOnDate)) + '/' + convert(varchar(4), year(CreatedOnDate))) a
 order by substring(mo,charindex(mo,'/')+1,50)

 And I get this result: 

I assume the reason it does not match the total active users, is that some people have un-registered because they think they will get a lot of spam.

The truth is that I would never sell the user list, and I only email the users about twice a month with the latest blog posts.

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