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Sketchflow To Final

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I always use Sketchflow to prototype any application or website that I create. If you can’t make it work in a Sketchflow it will not get any better when you start to code. To set-up Sketchflow to prototype a Windows Phone 7 application, follow the directions at this link.

You can see my original Microsoft Expression Blend Sketchflow at this link. I created the Sketchflow a month ago, and I naturally made a lot of changes when I tested the Windows Phone 7 application with friends. However, I was surprised how closely the final application still resembled the original Sketchflow.

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I plan to release the application as a free app that uses a subscription back-end service at The application allows you to take a picture of each receipt that is related to an expense. However, right now you cannot send an attachment in an email from a Windows Phone 7.

Using the back-end web service on will let you get past that by allowing you to email a link to the report on the website. This is actually the best way to submit the report because I have had large emails get bounced when the accountant’s email was filled with large emails of expense reports containing scans.

Here is a Sketchflow of what the website will look like…


That Sketchflow is posted at this link.

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