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DotNetNuke Mobile Login Module


Let me tell you up front that I am not happy with this module at this time, because it does not allow you to create accounts that use email verification. However, I promised to release the code, and perhaps others will implement the needed features and give back Smile.

The Problem


Log into your DotNetNuke website on a mobile device, and the experience is not quite optimal, because things get cut off on the screen.


Try to create a new account, and the experience is practically unusable.

The Mobile Login Module


If a visitor is not logged in, they will see a large link to click, to use the mobile login.


The display is optimized to fit everything on the screen.


Creating an account is optimized by eliminating some of the normal required fields. The first name and last name is created by parsing whatever they enter for the Display Name.

This Is Just A Start

The code will allow a user to log in using a verified login, meaning it will allow them to enter the verification code they were emailed one. However, when I attempted to implement a verified account during account creation, I ran into the problem described at this link.

You can download the code at this link.

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