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Watching Amazon Videos on your XBox 360

This post is a bit off-topic, but I could not find this information anywhere else so I decided to make a quick post.

I have a XBox 360 and I want to watch the latest movies – Legally

Install the Amazon Unbox Video Player on your Windows PC

Then, go to Video on Demand


Pick a movie or TV show


Buy it


Open the Amazon Unbox application you downloaded earlier


Wait for it to load


Go to Settings then Check for Recent Purchases


Your video will show


Right-click on the video and select Download to this PC


After it starts downloading it will actually be ready to watch. However, I usually wait until it is complete.


You can try to follow these directions to share the Amazon videos from your PC:, but on my Windows 7 computer I was not able to find “Media Sharing”.


Go to your X-Box 360 and select My XBox then Windows Media Center.

Note: You need to have your Xbox connected to your network and you need to set-up the Windows Media Center on your XBox.


In the Windows Media Center on your XBox, go to Pictures+Video


You will see the Amazon Unboxed folder


You will see your downloaded videos and you click on them to play them

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Avatar  HTPC Guy 9 years ago

This seems to only work for downloaded content, not the live streamed content. Therefore it is not useful for Prime members that want to use XBOX or Windows Media Center to play back the 'free' streaming videos that are now included in the Prime membership.