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A DotNetNuke Silverlight Expense Report Module

I just posted a new DotNetNuke Silverlight 4 View Model (MVVM) module. This module allows you to easily gather, and process Expense Reports, from users in your DotNetNuke portal.

Advantages of Using Silverlight

  • It is faster - When viewing the Expense Reports for a single user, there are no post-backs. The application moves considerably faster than a normal web application.
  • It will not time-out - Normal web applications require you to input something every 20 minutes, or you will be timed-out, and will lose any un-saved information.
  • Large file uploads - Users can upload scans of any size.
  • It can be re-designed with no code - This application was created using View Model / MVVM. This allows a designer, to completely redesign this application using Microsoft Expression Blend, with no code changes. Simply open the source up and make changes. When you compile the changes, it will create a "ExpenseReports.xap" file. Simply replace the file in the "DesktopModules\ExpenseReports\ClientBin" directory and you're done!
You can use the live demo and download the module and full source code at this link.

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