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Raising a Button Click in a DataGrid using MVVM


I wanted to put a button that would set the current comment to “****” when the button was clicked. I am using View Model (MVVM) and normally you would need to resort to using code behind.

Actually it is simple to do.


Create a column and then Edit the Style


When the Style comes up, Edit the Template


Put a Button in the template


Click on the Button then set the DataContext


….to the ViewModel that the main page is using.


Drop an Behavior on the Button.


You will then be able to raise any ICommand on the main ViewModel (otherwise the ICommands are “out of scope”)


However, your problem is now the button is using the “scope of the main page” you no longer have access to the row that you are currently on so you can’t pass it as a parameter.

No problem, the “contentPresenter” (the parent of the Button) is STILL bound to the “context of the current row” so you can simply pass it’s DataContext as a Parameter.

So, now the following ICommand will work:

        #region ClearCommand
        public ICommand ClearCommand { get; set; }
        public void Clear(object param)
            // Clear the Comment
            RIAComment objRIAComment = (RIAComment)param;
            objRIAComment.Comment = "****";
        private bool CanClear(object param)
            // Do not allow if there is no Current RIAComment
            return (param as RIAComment != null);

Download the code sample here:

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