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Get a Free MSDN Ultimate subscription

An MSDN Ultimate subscription allows the subscriber to download and own full featured versions of Visual Studio Ultimate, as well as most any Microsoft software. The license is for development use, and is not transferable. And it has a retail value of approximately $12,000.

You can get one free.

Through the generosity of the following participating MVPs, we will be offering one each month for the remainder of 2010. 

We are inviting unemployed or underemployed developers to propose a software project for a non-profit agency, school, or church. The idea is that we will provide a package of the latest software, tools, and training resources to help you improve your skills, get up to date with current technologies, gain practical experience, potentially earn a recommendation for your efforts, and in general, enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something useful for others. We are not giving out a ‘free lunch’, just supporting your efforts to personally gain from your own ‘sweat equity’.

To apply go here:

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Avatar  ahmed shabib 9 years ago

Can i get a free msdn account .. I cant afford the price of the microsoft tools...

Avatar  Parminder Singh 9 years ago

HelloI'm in need of getting msdn free subscription. Any kind gesture and help would be appreciated.RegardsParminder

Avatar  Abhilasha Enterprise Inc 10 years ago

First Thanks for such great generous offer for helping to spread technology education and providing cool Microsoft Tools for the recipient's own ‘sweat equity’. I really appreciate this great gesture and I am personally positively impressed. I would gladly spread the work through my social network. <br><br>Best wishes for your practical, thoughtful and gracious efforts which would lit (light) minds (with knowledge, practice, thoughts) leading to job resilience, better living standards and society. <br><br>All the best...