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Spent all day working on ADefHelpDesk


Well I spent all day working on ADefHelpDesk. I got these features in and released:

  • Allows users in the Assigned group to selectively send emails to Requestor.
  • Fixed url link in emails when the current user that created the emails was using a url that was not the default url.
  • Removed the use of the Ajax update panel to fix a bug in DNN5 Beta that did not allow Administrator to create a ticket for another user.
  • Fix bugs in search and optimized code to improve performance.
  • Fixed formatting of the Logs screen.

Doesn't seem like a lot considering I started working around 5:00 am Saturday morning and during the day spent at least 10 solid hours plugging away at it.

The reason it doesn't seem like a lot was accomplished is because of two things:

  1. The more features you add, the more you have to test
  2. Testing emails takes a lot of time

The more features you add, the more you have to test

ADefHelpDesk allows you to do all things if you are an Administrator, some things if you are in a group that has been assigned a ticket, some things if you are a user who has created a ticket, and some things if you are an Anonymous user and you have created a ticket.

This is something to keep in mind when you ask for (or you implement) a lot of new "Features" in an Open Source project. The more you put in the more you have to test. As time goes on it is harder and harder to add new features without causing nasty bugs.

I always believe in stability over new features.

Testing emails takes a lot of time

Emails are a big important thing with a Ticket Tracking program and I finally implemented all the important emails:

  • Email Administrator when a ticket is created
  • Email Staff when they are Assigned a Ticket
  • Email Staff when a user updates a ticket
  • Email a user (this is done selectively) when the ticket is updated

Testing emails is a pain for two reasons.

One, you never know when there is a problem with your code or the email is not showing up because the Internet email system is running slow. I have spent an hour trying to hunt down a problem only to have the missing email show up an hour later.

Two, you have to test every possible scenario. This is a lot of testing and takes hours. Sometimes you fix one problem and end up breaking another.


Well, all that work and the only screen shots that show that anything changed are these:


There is now an "Update and Email Requestor" link (available only when the "Visible to Requestor" box is checked)


Formatting of Logs screen has been changed and each entry is in a scrollable box.

Next job in the next few days is to update the online documentation...

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