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My 8 Year Old Cousin Creates A Computer Game


My 8 year old cousin just completed his first Android game today. It is called Pet Brawl. He actually wrote it himself. I have been tutoring him for 1 1/2 hours each month for over a year, but he wrote all the code himself.


Originally I started working with him after he had completed a computer camp where they taught him how to use the computer programming application called Scratch. It is a great program and I recommend it highly as an entry level programming language for all ages.

Our sessions would start with a task I would assign him at the end of the previous session. Things like “make the cat pick up four objects in order”. They were designed to be too hard and when we got together I would explain how to solve the problem.


Next we moved to App Inventor. Another programming language and application builder created by some of the same people that created Scratch. The nice thing about App Inventor is that you can run the programs you create on your Android device.


This time I set an ambitious goal. He would complete an entire program and we would distribute it. Originally he wanted the game to have you to pick a “pet” and then you would “brawl” against the computer.

First we started by learning how to move the character around the screen (I had to figure it out myself and I led the Google session, and after finding an example I would provide guidance and encouragement and he worked it out). I only touched the keyboard less than 2 minutes a session (usually to find the element I wanted him to try next).

As time went on he scaled the game back a bit (he actually wanted to finish it), so the final game just has you trying to survive (don’t let the Phoenix touch you, the Dragon) until the clock runs down.


The game is actually quite challenging. He programmed it himself, and he is only eight years old.


The picture above is Carter showing his father the game he just created running on his father’s Galaxy Note.

You can download the .apk at the link below. It will run on most any Android device.

Download: PetBrall.apk

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Avatar  Carole Long 6 years ago

This is another example of what our kids are capable of when someone takes the time to share their talent and love, as my dear nephew Micheal Alan is doing here ( and not only with this member of the family). Carter is a bright, imaginative little kid, so blessed with family, friends and mentors. This is marvelously inspiring. Thanks for sharing the progress Alan.