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Pop Up Behavior, now works with your Popup

--- prototype / intro post, full article coming soon ---

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This is an significant improvement to my previous pop up behavior. This is to replace the HisowaModPopupBehavior, the simple ver will probably be useful for inserting a confirmation dialog between the user action and firing the command.

Be amazed at this screenshot that prove it and my how bad my development UI looks.


What makes this one better/different (Compares to Mod Popup)

1) This one allows you to make your very own popup (ChildWindow) instead of just the inside.

2) doesn’t use HisowaModPopupResult data holder class. Instead you can type in the property name in PopUpVM as parameter of ICommand

3) Pop up is now created by the behavior every time. not reused which caused the new Popup to have old values.

4) possible to improve on my current work to put more parameters to control how the popup shows up


To use

1) Make a Page to call the Popup from with a VM

2) Create a Dataholder class to pass back the object if necessary. (if you want to get back more than 1 object)

3) Make a child Window, with its own VM


3b) Set the VM to the PANEL

3c) VM should have a property to pass back to the ICommand to run (Dataholder or something)

4) Main VM should have a Icommand that will be fired by my behavior (also should be using the object passed)

5) Set the properties

5a) PropertyName : Name of the property you are going to pass back

5b) ReturnIcommand : the Command to run on the VM for the calling page


Some refinements planned before release

1) will only fire command if “Ok” was pressed

2) allow some more property related to how popup shows up

3) post a article with explanation of how it works and how / where you can mod it

4) give it a cool name

5) try to make the property to pass back a drop down.

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