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"Tiger Woods" of DotNetNuke Open Source

Face it, Benjamin Hermann and his team's EALO is the "Tiger Woods" of DotNetNuke Open Source. It is the project that is so big and unstoppable that the rest of the DotNetNuke Open Source projects actually benefit from the traffic and attention that it brings.

As I pointed out in a previous blog (Effority is "King of the Forge), this module puts up numbers that are so big no other module comes close... at all.

In the spirit of "if you can't beat them join them" I have decided that since the "rest of the field" benefits from the success of "the leader" then it makes sense to help the leader.

Benjamin Hermann and his team (Oliver Dembniak and Johannes Ellenberg) plan to release another version of EALO for DotNetNuke 5 (the current version only works with DotNetNuke 4) on October 16th 2009. It would be great if EALO can get 1000+ downloads in a single day. Obviously this would further validate all the work that Benjamin Hermann and his Team puts into the project, but, the reason this would be important to everyone else is:

It shows that you can launch a REALLY BIG popular module for free. Basically, they just created a free account on, uploaded EALO and shot to number one and stayed there for over a year.

This is important "to the rest of us" because if Benjamin Hermann and his team can do it the rest of us can also. It was after we looked at what EALO provided:

  • Solves a specific need
  • solid and consistent

we launched ADefHelpDesk. In the past months ADefHelpDesk has moved up the rankings on the DotNetNuke Forge and has recently climbed it's way to the first page. We could have loaded it with tons of features and "expanded the scope", but EALO was always there to demonstrate that what the people want is a solution to a "specific need". If you just deliver that, they will continue to come day after day. But, you have to deliver something people want and need.

This is what EALO does:

EALO enables DNN to deliver both static and dynamic multilingual content.

For example, if you have a menu with "product, contact and about us", and the visitor selects a different language, the menu appears in a different language. The portal administrator can translate all menu entries or can use the ml-text/html module to place different language-text on one DotNetNuke tab. It also provides a "Simple and powerful API for other modules".

Here are some screen shots:




The launch will be on October 16th 2009. Lets all plan to download it on that day! You can get EALO here:

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