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First day with the Kindle and loving it

My wife bought me an Amazon Kindle (warning if you click the link and buy one I will get a "commission"). Because it was a gift I had to go to Settings on the Kindle and "de-register" it from her. I then went on the site, logged in as myself and entered the serial number on the back of the Kindle to register it to myself.

Ok now it's up and working. Kindle has this "Whispernet" thing which basically means it is able to communicate with without requiring you to configure anything.  So I can just click the Shop link on the Kindle and type in a search and find a book. I then simply click the Buy button and the book is on my Kindle in about 1 minute.


I even found some and Silverlight books (but no Silverlight 3 books yet).

But, the point of this Blog post is about the "service" Amazon provides for getting other stuff you need to read on the Kindle. I was browsing and I found an article on Windows Workflow 4 that I wanted to read. Now normally I print it out and put it by the bed and read it before I go to sleep. However, the reason I wanted the Kindle in the first place was because I don't want to carry paper around anymore. Also I want to be able to locate content from something I previously read.

All I had to do was open my Microsoft Word, click Open and paste the URL of the article (I used the URL for the "print" version of the article by clicking the "print" link on the article) and it opened in Microsoft Word. I then saved it as a .pdf. I then emailed it to a email address that Kindle provides and now this article is on my Kindle, pictures and all.


I can now keep up on more tech articles, and if I am sitting idle for even 5 minutes I can whip out my Kindle and catch up on my reading. It will also read aloud so I can have it read to me while I'm driving to work.

Yeah I know, this may seem a bit "too connected", but is my time better spent listening to commercials on the radio or catching up on white papers that are important to my career?

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