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St. Louis Day of .Net Review


If you live anywhere near St. Louis, you have to attend this event next year! If you live further out and can still make it, it is definitely worth your time and money. Speaking of money, the registration fee was only $200 for two full days of learning. That is an amazing price! The value is incredible compared to the cost of attending TechEd or PDC or the other big conferences. I was privileged enough to attend TechEd in 2009 and had a great time, learned some cool stuff (and got to meet Michael in person for the first time). To compare the two conferences: Ounce for ounce STLDODN is either equal to or greater than the value I experienced at TechEd.

The speakers were great, the topics were on point and the atmosphere was charged with excitement and passion… or maybe that was just all the free coffee I pounded down. Seriously, you could tell that the attendees where enjoying the sessions and excited about what they were learning. The caliber of speakers, again, was on par with one of the major conferences and brought with them some great knowledge and experience to share.

I also feel that part of the increased value is due to the fact that most of the attendees and a fair amount of the speakers live and work in the area. This allows for some great “networking” (though I kind of dislike that term – prefer “relationship building”) and general socializing with others that are familiar with the local industry. I am convinced that St. Louis must have one of the greatest .Net communities in the country.

And of course, there was schwag and prize giveaways. Some of the prizes included a laptop, a Wii, 1TB External HD (which I won!!! Thanks STLDODN!), software licenses and more!

I just wanted to write a little blurb about my experience with the St. Louis Day of .Net and encourage anyone that can attend to definitely do so next year! Check out the St. Louis Day of .Net website for more information, and I will be sure and post something here and on Twitter (@itlackey) when registration for next year opens.

Before I wrap up I wanted to say thanks to all the individuals that went the extra mile to make this happen and volunteered your time to make this event possible and the sponsors that contributed to keep the costs down.

Special thanks to Kevin Grossnicklaus, Scott Spradlin, Chris Deweese, Dru Sellers, Jeff Fattic, Brad Nunnally for taking the time after and between session to answer questions and help myself and my team become better at what we do!

P.S. I did not write this just because I won the HD :P

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Avatar  Ian T. Lackey 8 years ago

For sure! But if we fill up a TB with code we better be turning out some high dollar apps. :P

Avatar  Michael Washington 8 years ago

Cool a 1TB Drive! Now we have more room for the source control :) I need to get back to work on our projects...

Avatar  Ian T. Lackey 8 years ago

Good point Michelle! Even more reason for people to keep an eye on this event for next year!

Avatar  Michelle Marcus 8 years ago

Just so you know, early bird registration ran from mid-June to July 10th for a cost of $125, making it even more of a deal.