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DotNetNuke 5 Book Has Been Published!

After months of work by Michael and myself, I am happy to announce that Building Websites with DotNetNuke 5 has been published! They have also published a snippet from chapter 6 – Understanding the DotNetNuke Core Architecture: (Somehow Michael convinced them to give him all the credit for the chapter I wrote, but I won’t hold it against him. :P)

The book covers DNN from installation, management, development and deployment. Michael provides some excellent information on how to use Silverlight with DotNetNuke that makes this book worth reading just for that! Anyway, this is not meant to be an advertisement, just an excited post that the book is officially completed and now available! Writing the book was a neat experience and the fact that both of the authors are OpenLight Group founders made it that much better.

If you are interested the book is available from Packt’s site here:

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Avatar  Ian T. Lackey 8 years ago

"Yeah, as the oldest author on the book series I get credit for everything hahaha"<br><br>I see, well I guess that is fair. :P

Avatar  Michael Washington 8 years ago

Yay!<br><br>Thanks for coming in and covering the rest of the chapters when we lost the other authors. Your first book is a great experience, enjoy it :)<br><br>Yeah, as the oldest author on the book series I get credit for everything hahaha