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Drink … err … Tweet Responsibly

So thanks to the instructor (Kevin Grossnicklaus) of a Silverlight class I just attended, I have finally started to use twitter. Believe me, this was not an easy decision for me to make. I have seen many good people fall prey to the evil that is social networking sites. I must admit, I have made my fair share of jokes about the “tweeters” out there and had to eat a little crow when I told my wife that I signed up for an account.

The reason I was so resistant to twitter is all of the utterly useless information that is posted to that site. For example, I have no need or desire to know that someone is looking at a cloud shaped like a rabbit. I am sorry, but please do not clutter the information super highway with debris such as this. I mean, if I am next to you and you say “hey that cloud looks like a rabbit” that is great I will check it out. However, if you are in China and I am in the USA why do I need to know that?

So the point is, when you (and I now) are tweeting we should keep in mind that twitter is a tool and like most tools it can be used incorrectly. Please tweet responsibly before someone gets hurt, useless information overload is a real condition and should be taken seriously.

No before some angry tweeter start posting hateful comments let me say. This post is not to be taken too seriously. I meant it to be somewhat comical; however, a lot of truth is said in jest. To clarify, the point of the post is that if some is following you because you are a known expert on a subject, do not make them scroll through 50 tweets about random stuff to find the one post that concerns the topic they are concerned with. I do not see any problem with having a personal twitter account that is used between friends. These statements are directed only at “professional” twitter accounts. I do believe there should be a distinction.

Please keep in mind this is all just my humble opinion and again I do not mean to offend anyone or start a twitter war.

So please do leave angry comments, and if you do… well I will just tweet about how mean you are on the most popular accounts so that everyone can see it. ;)

For everyone else, be sure and follow me ( so that you can see who all of the mean people are and stay informed about all of the animal shaped clouds!

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