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Remember Me?

So I do know that "ironic" is the right word for that fact that my first post after ... way too long ... is entitled "Remember Me?" but it fitting in more than one way.

Michael brought this post to my attention : dealing with DotNetNuke's issue of not respecting the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging into a site. I am not sure how I missed this before, but am glad he showed it to me. There is a simple fix for the issue that requires a few simple changes to the web.config file for your DNN installation. After reading the article it occurred to me that this is a perfect scenario to use the ConfigEditor module we published a while back.

So I just thought I would make a quick post for all of those who missed this article the first time and/or those that have not been able to edit their config files easily. Using the ConfigEditor will make implementing this fix very easy.

I hope this helps!

P.S. I do hope to get back to the blogging routine in the very near future. We have some neat stuff going on and am eager to share it once it is ready!

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