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So, I am just getting into the swing of blogging from Windows Live Writer. In the process, I have been shown and found a few tools that makes this process so much better than how I had blogged in the past.

One of my new favorite tools is this Source Code Formatter plug-in for live writer created by Amer Gerzic. Here is a screenshot of the interface:


And an example of the output:

  Public Shared ReadOnly Property AddCommentFormLocation() As String
            Return "AddCommentFormLocation"
        End Get
    End Property

Some of you that have blogged used the standard web based HTML editors can appreciate how much effort it would take to get this kind of formatting into your post. This literally took a few seconds! Amazing!

The second tool that has spend up this process is the Snipping Plugin Tool created by Mike Taulty which I used to create the screenshot above. Again, no need to copy from the snipping tool into your favorite photo / image editor (like Paint.Net – wink wink), creating a thumbnail and wiring up the link to the full size, and on and on… No you simple click the Snipped Image option under the Insert list, select your screenshot and close the snipping tool. Perfect!


After getting these tools under my fingers, I am finding a new excitement about blogging. So keep an eye on this plug there will be more to come!

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Avatar  Ian T. Lackey 9 years ago

Thanks J for the additional resources, the more options the better! ;)

Avatar  J Cornelison 9 years ago

For a visual preview of a varietyof sourcecode formatters for Live Writer, check out:<br><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br>