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DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer


I recently spent about 2 hours making a DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer. After I had it working with about 20 files and directories the Blend 3 packager creates, I then realized that all you really needed to make it work is the .xap file.

Well Jan Olsmar already created a module Silverlight Media for DotNetNuke® that allows you to load a .xap file for a Silverlight application into your DotNetNuke site.

However, I didn't want my effort to go to waste so I added a way to upload the file through the application rather than requiring you to use the DotNetNuke File manager. Also Jan's code is in VB and mine is in C#. Now you have an option if you're a developer looking for a "starting point" for your own DotNetNuke Silverlight module.

Jan's module also allows you to set the size of the Silverlight application you're loading while mine is set for the standard size of a SketchFlow application. For this reason I call mine "DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer" rather than "Silverlight Module Viewer".

The Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer Module

When you create Microsoft Silverlight SketchFlow applications you will usually want to place them in a password protected place. DotNetNuke can provide the user and role management you desire.

The DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer can have separate instances placed in your site as many times as desired. Each instance can be configured to show a different SketchFlow with different security and visibility settings.

You can see a live example and download the module and source code here:

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Avatar  Ally 9 years ago

does anyone know of any Silverlight people looking for a job in nYC