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Oh, And It's Also All About Productivity


If you stop and think about it, an automobile is an amazing thing. The automobile brings together several key elements such as cost, fuel, rubber tires. The result is a massive increase in productivity for the world.

The key is productivity. This is what fuels growth.

Let’s take a look at the advancements HTML 5 provides. Yes, there are new tags and new functionality, but where is any increased productivity? Don’t get me wrong, HTML 5 is a great technology, but, I have seen too many great technologies fail to reach critical mass because they did not increase productivity. Did you ever turn all your HTML 4 document types to Strict, or did you leave them as Transitional? Are you using .css for all your styling? Is ‘lack of time’ your reason?

I love the Model-View-View Model pattern (MVVM), and LightSwitch uses it under the covers, but it never caught on with most of the developers I know, because for them, it  actually goes in the opposite direction. It takes more code and time for them to use the MVVM pattern, than it would to not use it.

Yes it was more testable, but guess what, most of the developers I know don’t care. They see Test Driven Development (TDD) as a productivity sucking exercise. I am not saying that they are correct, I am just saying that this is how they feel.

People act based on ‘motivations’ and increased productivity translates into ‘more for less work’, this translates into ‘more money’… and don’t forget, it is always about the money Smile.

90% + Productivity With Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the result of a convergence of a number if technologies (Linq, Silverlight, MVVM, WCF, Entity Framework) wrapped into a model centric tool that is built inside Visual Studio. Like a combustion engine sitting on rubber tires, it is a complete package that works. It achieves the number one thing required for success, increased productivity.

Look at the entries in the Code Project LightSwitch Star Contest. You will see example after example of projects that achieved a 90%+ savings in productivity.

The automobile has arrived, time to get off the horse.

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