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Trying To Put A Horseshoe On A Car

I got a comment on a Blog I wrote on the

I found it much easier to write application in Visual Studio 2008 than Visual Studio LightSwitch. In LightSwitch, It is has to find any form objects, like button, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. Besides, I could not find any component that I can drop on the screen. Anyway, it seems like a pain to me. Maybe I need a better book. I will still keep taking a shot at LightSwitch until I get it...

Trust me, this is crazy talk Smile.

But, the odd thing is that I feel I totally understand where poster is coming from.


Look at a post I made after The First Hour With Lightswitch –BETA-.


I was stumbling around in the dark.


Radio Buttons And LightSwitch


The poster had a point about the radio buttons. First, yes you can use radio buttons with LightSwitch, see this tutorial: LightSwitch Student Information System (Part 3): Custom Controls.

The problem is that people think you NEED radio buttons to preform certain actions (“so why is it not automatically built-in!”), you don’t (you can simply use drop down combo boxes). The first version of LightSwitch contains the things you MUST have… and then they gave us a huge “this will fix anything” option with Custom Controls.


Get Some Help

I believe the answer is to accept that LightSwitch really is dramatically new and different. If it was just like all the other development tools, then it would not be able to offer anything better than what we have always had available.

We must admit that there is no way to know how to drive a car when all you have ever done is ride a horse.

Admit that you will need some help. Get a book, or go through a beginner tutorial like:

Online Ordering System (An End-To-End LightSwitch Example).

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Avatar  Paul Patterson 8 years ago

It is unfortunate that many subjective opinions regarding LightSwitch come from people who already have prior experience with other development tools or technologies. <br /><br />I have presented LightSwitch to a number of people who have had absolutely no development experience whatsoever. For the most part, they are able to hammer out a solution with relative ease and very few, if any, complaints.<br /><br />Put those same non-programmers in front of Visual Studio and ask them to solve the same problem, and just imagine what will happen. <br /><br />Just my "opinion" of course :)<br /><br />Cheers,<br /><br />Paul <br />