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Here is where I am at on the Silverlight is dead thing...


We finally know what is going on with Windows 8 and that while there is XAML + C#, there is no Silverlight as we know it except in ‘Legacy mode’.

At this point I believe that Microsoft has been consistent since they first said “our strategy has shifted”.

I have been enjoying hanging out with the LightSwitch crowd where most of them actually don’t understand the whole Silverlight connection, and that crazy guy in the corner (me), who has a goofy smile on his face because he can still create Silverlight plug-ins for LightSwitch.

I expect that the next version of LightSwitch will output a Metro Style app (I believe the hold up is on Window 8’s part). When this happens the “Line of Business Story for Windows  8” will have arrived.

What I hope this means is that, when this day comes:

  1. Open up the existing LightSwitch application
  2. Select “output for Windows 8”
  3. It then displays 100 build errors
  4. Consult the “conversion documentation” and adjust code as needed
  5. Now my end-users can use the application without using ‘Legacy Mode’

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Avatar  admin account 8 years ago

@Kevin Sheen - What technology are you using to create business applications?

Avatar  Kevin Sheen 8 years ago

I think we can all agree that while Silverlight is not DEAD, it at least has some terminal illness which will lead it to be dead soon.<br /><br />Even Michaels subsequent post where Microsoft says they are looking at supporting the generation of non-SL apps is added evidence that investing in LightSwitch to create SL apps today is a fools erend. <br /><br />Michael, your goofy smile is one thing, but everyone is feeling kind of sad for you because you're so insanely wrong on this one. <br /><br />LightSwitch may be a great IDE, but you're making a mistake in investing this much in it today.

Avatar  I. T. Lackey 8 years ago

Ok, I seen this coming a mile away and hoped to stay out of the fray. But I can't help myself...<br /><br />Everytime something new comes out or Silverlight is not called out by name at some conference, everyone starts yelling that the sky is falling. At this point all we have seen is some early developer previews of Win8 & Metro, can anyone (even at Microsoft) say what the future is going to look like yet?<br /><br />A key point though: Metro style apps will support XAML + .Net (C#/VB). So Who cares if they call it LightSwitch, Silverlight, WPF, _WPFe_ or Metro! Fact is the skills you have today and will continue to build working with Silverlight, LightSwitch, WPF & WP7 will apply. Sure maybe some API's change and features shift but that happens with every BCL release. Nature of the beast as they say. <br /><br />My opinion, XAML & the BCL are the power houses. As long as MS pushes that direction I am a happy dev! As for a strategy shift... again I will call back to WPFe the "pre-silverlight" concept talked about by Microsoft. Seems to me this is exactlly what they have done and are still working towards. XAML + .Net on every kind of device. Win8 is the natural eveolution of this. First we had WPF for desktop apps, then Silverlight for Web, then Silverlight for Phone, then LightSwitch and now the OS is going to be support XAML in the Metro apps. Looks to me that MS is on point with their plans. They just need to scoop up a STB and they have done it... well minus the fridge and my electronic toothbrush. Maybe in Metro 2 :P<br /><br />--dismounting from the soap box--<br /><br />Please know I am not saying I disagree or think that either of you are off base, just trying to keep the panic to a minimum. <br /><br />P.S. Win8 is SEXY! Look at Apple Windows just had an Extreme Makeover!<br /><br />

Avatar  admin account 8 years ago

@tas Christodoulou - Windows 8 will run Silverlight applications. Any investment in LightSwitch and Silverlight is not wasted. <br /><br />I understand the anger at the push toward then new non .Net stuff.

Avatar  Kostas Christodoulou 8 years ago

I know that Michael<br />But imagine that I spent 6 months trying to decide which way to go for my company's next generation LOB software line, planning for the year to come not for the next 2 versions of Windows. I also know that LS can easily convert implementation from SL to XAML + C# but this kind of decisions and moves on behalf of MS makes fill very uncertain for any other MS solution I might choose. And I mostly nag because I love LightSwitch and I can see a whole lot of potential there for a very powerfull Application Framework.

Avatar  admin account 8 years ago

@Kostas Christodoulou - At this time you cannot use the new Windows 8 Metro to make the kind of Line Of Business apps you can with LightSwitch. Silverlight is not dead.

Avatar  Kostas Christodoulou 8 years ago

Hi Michael <br />You know me, am one of the LS crowd who understands very well the LS-SL connection and I must say I am very annoyed by the way things are turning out. And I will disagree with you when you say: "At this point I believe that Microsoft has been consistent since they first said “our strategy has shifted”". THIS is not a SHIFT. THIS is Ctrl+Alt+Del Silverlight. I must say I can now recycle the printed copy of "Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls". I don't want to be missunderstood I have nothing against you, and I believe that although your reaction is very mild even you did not expect something like that so soon unless you had some "inside" information.<br />Anyway, I guess all we can do is wait...

Avatar  Michael Washington 8 years ago

@Supreet Tare - The existing apps are compatable in "Desktop Mode" on Windows 8. Not the new "Metro MOde" because the "Metro Mode" does not allow any plug-ins. You must use HTML5 or the new XAML + C#/VB.

Avatar  Supreet Tare 8 years ago

Lol :)<br /><br />Do you really think LS next will do that?<br />As of now what i know is our existing LS apps are compatible with windows 8.<br /><br />Regards<br />Supreet