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SketchFlow: Making Movable Draggable Windows

We love SketchFlow over here at the Open Light Group. As Ian would say, it's "bomb-diggity". Well the Open Light Group has a Open Source project called that uses draggable movable windows. We needed to make these windows in our SketchFlow projects because the point of SketchFlow is that you can quickly make a sketch that actually moves.

Silverlight 3 Drag and Drop updated

I finally got around to updating the Silverlight 3 Drag and Drop sample to use the latest Tim Heuer's Floatable Window. His latest version fixed the problem with the left side moving while dragging the window to the right. We will work on this in the coming ...

DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer

I recently spent about 2 hours making a DotNetNuke Silverlight SketchFlow Viewer. After I had it working with about 20 files and directories the Blend 3 packager creates, I then realized that all you really needed to make it work is the .xap file. Well Jan Olsmar ...

C# is better! Well at least for project linking and complier directives for attributes.

So I have been one of a dwindling number of VB.Net advocates since I moved from Classic ASP (or  in other words shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct and the wheel was invented). However, today was the first time I had to use C# because I simply could handle ...

Silverlight, SEO & ASP.Net MVC – Part 2 (Solidifying a Strategy)

In the previous article we outlined a possible solution to getting links to your Silverlight Navigation Application indexed in the search engines. However, the implementation of the process left much to be desired. This article will address how to make a more robust solution to the problem and deal with some rules imposed by the search engines to prevent your from penalized by the search providers.