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Silverlight: Why I feel “Design Is The Most Important Thing”

My first experience with “Web Design” was around 1997. the DotCom thing was heating up and a client wanted to host a web site that was “Designed” by a “Internet Design Company” (that I swear was not in business even 10 days before). The problem was that ...

Raising a Button Click in a DataGrid using MVVM

I wanted to put a button that would set the current comment to “****” when the button was clicked. I am using View Model (MVVM) and normally you would need to resort to using code behind. Actually it is simple to do.

Basic Silverlight View Model Validation

Live Sample: There are many types of Silverlight Validation. This covers the most basic type, validating that the data entered matches the underlying type. In this example we will validate a Date Field.