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Silverlight, SEO & ASP.Net MVC – Part 1 (Proof of Concept )

I have been experimenting with the new Silverlight Navigation Application project template, and the navigation framework in  general. Today, it struck me that there should be an easy way to combine the search engine friendly URLs and content of ASP.Net MVC framework and Silverlight Deep Linking. The MVC framework is setup to easily provide SEO links and content out of the box. However, Silverlight… well it returns “Get Microsoft Silverlight” to GoogleBot and the other search engine spiders trying to index your site. My hunch is this will not get you to the top of any search results.

DotNetNuke Menu Custom Scroller

It appears that there is not an easy way to override the content or the style for the area that appears in the DotNetNuke menu when you need to scroll through a long list of menu items. This is not an elegant solution, but it works for me. I ...

Silverlight 3 Hello World Tutorial

  I finally got around to creating a DotNetNuke 5 and Silverlight 3 "Hello World" tutorial. Keep in mind that all the Silverlight 2 tutorials still apply so I wont "redo" any of them. One thing that is different about this tutorial is that I am using ...

DNS, Portal Alias and the Hosts file.

I have seen more than one person on the DotNetNuke forums faced with a problem when trying to access their portal. Only to find out that they had moved the portal or changed the hostheader, DNS etc. for the url associated with the portal. As it turns out, the ...

Creating a simple Silverlight 3 Behavior

After seeing this demo: [Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: Rich Interactivity with No Code and the cool way she was able to simply drop a "Behavior" on a button and a menu displays (and allows you to set some properties using simple drop downs no less) and then the button is now able to make another element move, I had to learn how to make behaviors. There are examples on the web but all the ones I found were based on the Silverlight 3 preview and with the released version of Silverlight 3, there have been changes.