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Expression Blend Number Guesser using DataStore

Expression Blend DataStore - A Powerful Tool For Designers Live example: Link: Expression Blend Number Guesser Microsoft Expression Blend 4+ provides a tool called DataStore. It is a very powerful tool for Designers to create functionality in Expression Blend without writing any code. To demonstrate some of it's abilities, I created a number guessing program with no code.

How to Toggle (Show/Hide) using Behaviours (Behaviors) between Visual States or Storyboards in Expression Blend for Windows Phone 7

Thought I better quickly Blog this, as I struggled with showing & hiding a visual element on the Phone touch interface for quite a while… And couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere on the Web. And then all of a sudden it came to me & I wished ...

Role Based Silverlight Behaviors

Well working on a few WCF RIA Services projects a need for the UI to update based on what roles the current user belongs to came up with each project. To make this easier for all of us working on these projects I created some behaviors that accepts a ...

Simple Example To Secure WCF Data Service OData Methods

Live Example: So you want to use OData but you need to secure the data? There are a ton of ways to do this, but this covers a simple way using ASP.NET Forms Authentication.

Simple Silverlight 4 Example Using oData and RX Extensions

This is part II to the previous Blog ( where we looked a simple OData example. This time we will make a simple Silverlight application that talks to an oData service. Note, for this tutorial, you will also need to download and install RX Extensions from:, and the ...