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Prism BootStrapper Load ModuleCatalog Ansyc

Prism gives you two options on how to configure the ModuleCatalog, typically in the BootStrapper, these include programmatically or from a XAML file that is embedded in the XAP file. This is a quick post to shown a very simple example of loading the ModuleCatalog for in an asynchronous ...

Using Discount ASP.NET TFS Hosting

I have a ton of Open Source projects on CodePlex uses TFS (Team Foundation Server), and TFS is basically the only source control I actually enjoy using. However, I have a private project that I am creating that is not Open Source. What ...

HTML (including HTML 5) and LightSwitch at the same time?

For LightSwitch and HTML See this article:

LightSwitch vs HTML 5 ?

After cheerleading Silverlight for the past few years I have to admit a few “truths” (as I see them) There are not a lot of LOB (line of Business) Silverlight applications that most developers have seen (if you want to see what the “average” developer ...