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A Silverlight Upgrade Advisor

ADefHelpDesk does not really need an "Upgrade Advisor" but I made one anyway as a proof of concept for the DotNetNuke Core Project. There are thousands of users who do have difficulty upgrading DotNetNuke. My theory is that it should be possible to make a module that users could install before they do an upgrade that would identify potential upgrade problems.

"Tiger Woods" of DotNetNuke Open Source

Face it, Benjamin Hermann and his team's EALO is the "Tiger Woods" of DotNetNuke Open Source. It is the project that is so big and unstoppable that the rest of the DotNetNuke Open Source projects actually benefit from the traffic and attention that it brings. As I pointed out ...

Silverlight, SEO & ASP.Net – Part 3 (Version 1 Setup)

I created a package and posted it to the CodePlex site associated with this series of articles. The package aims to allow you to easily implement the strategy outlined in Part 2 (Solidifying a Strategy) of these posts. This article will discuss how to integrate the code in the ...

Drink … err … Tweet Responsibly

So thanks to the instructor (Kevin Grossnicklaus) of a Silverlight class I just attended, I have finally started to use twitter. Believe me, this was not an easy decision for me to make. I have seen many good people fall prey to the evil that is social networking sites. ...

Remember Me?

 So I do know that "ironic" is the right word for that fact that my first post after ... way too long ... is entitled "Remember Me?" but it fitting in more than one way. Michael brought this post to my attention : dealing with DotNetNuke's issue of not respecting the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging into a site.