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DNS, Portal Alias and the Hosts file.

I have seen more than one person on the DotNetNuke forums faced with a problem when trying to access their portal. Only to find out that they had moved the portal or changed the hostheader, DNS etc. for the url associated with the portal. As it turns out, the ...

DotNetNuke Silverlight Chat v2 – Gravatar Support

 During a conversation with Michael, he mentioned that he would like to have Gravatar support in the DNNSilverlightChat module he created. I had recently worked on a project that included supporting the use of Gravatar images next to user comments. The synchronicity was too much for me to stand, and I volunteered to take on the mission. While working on the original project that supported Gravatar images, I had found that provided an easy way to integrate a user’s Gravatar image into just about any application.

How To: Modify DotNetNuke Web.Config with the ConfigEditor Module

In this example I will demonstrate how to modify a DotNetNuke 4.x site to use .Net 3.5 by using the ConfigEditor Module in a step-by-step fashion. Before you being please verify that the .Net 3.5 framework is installed on the web server hosting the DotNetNuke installation. Making ...

DotNetNuke Module Settings Url

I had to publish this bit of information, on how to get the Url of the settings page for a DotNetNuke module. Though it may be simple or even common knowledge to many, I could not find it quickly by Googling or Binging (that’s a post all of its ...

The Blogger’s Easy Button

So, I am just getting into the swing of blogging from Windows Live Writer. In the process, I have been shown and found a few tools that makes this process so much better than how I had blogged in the past. One of my new favorite tools ...