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LightSwitch Farm: A Story In The Not So Distant Future

(This is a fictional story set not too far in the future) Mary sits in the waiting room of the automobile parts wholesaler company. She reflects how the first day at this job feels different than her first day on past jobs. This time she knows exactly what ...

LightSwitch: We Now Have Our 'Killer App'

Remember when Oprah Winfrey called Barack Obama “The One” ? Well, I think ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch may be “The One” for LightSwitch. This is the plug-in that for some, becomes the deciding factor to use LightSwitch or not... Growth for July 2011

More evidence that interest in LightSwitch is an accelerating phenomenon. This is the monthly user registrations on up to July 20th 2011: The daily user registrations:

The Visual Studio LightSwitch Economy

I wrote the E-Book Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls (Beginner to Intermediate), because I had to. I feel very passionate about the fact that LightSwitch is a much easier way to create professional Silverlight applications (and I have been creating Silverlight applications for a long time ...

Betting The House On LightSwitch

You should never “bet the house” (to risk everything) on anything. If you were actually gambling, and risking your proverbial “house”, where would you live if you were wrong and you lost? However, when backed into a corner (Microsoft has indicated they will tell us nothing about the future ...