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Beth Massi presents on LightSwitch

  Beth Massi spoke at the Los Angeles Silverlight User's Group about LightSwitch at Blank Spaces in Santa Monica, CA on 8/24/2011. The event was co-sponsored with the The room was packed with over 40 people and she did a special deep dive ...

Using WCF RIA Services With LightSwitch: I Know You're Scared, I Understand

First item of business, you’re not wrong. If your code works, and you are happy with it, march on with my blessing! This is not about telling anyone that they “are wrong”. It is written only to encourage you to consider using WCF RIA Services in your LightSwitch applications.

The LightSwitch Control Extension Makers Dilemma

You know it seems like ComponentOne gets all the breaks. Due to the nature of their control, they were able to take an existing Silverlight control, and create a LightSwitch control, and create what I call the “Killer Application” for LightSwitch, ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch (live demo) ...

LightSwitch Farm: A Story In The Not So Distant Future

(This is a fictional story set not too far in the future) Mary sits in the waiting room of the automobile parts wholesaler company. She reflects how the first day at this job feels different than her first day on past jobs. This time she knows exactly what ...

LightSwitch: We Now Have Our 'Killer App'

Remember when Oprah Winfrey called Barack Obama “The One” ? Well, I think ComponentOne's OLAP for LightSwitch may be “The One” for LightSwitch. This is the plug-in that for some, becomes the deciding factor to use LightSwitch or not...