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The Seeker – Version 1.0

When I’m trying to learn any new language, framework, or  the like, I often find myself frustrated because blogs and tutorials obscure the simple concepts I’m trying to understand with too much detail. My goal is to start very simply so that the programming concepts are laid-out in small, easy-to-understand chunks of code. Then with each version to expand the use of those concepts and add in some very simple examples of a few new ones. I never get to do it on the job, but my favorite kind of programming is to create intelligent objects that interact onscreen. My first Silverlight project in that line is The Seeker. The seeker reacts to an onscreen event by moving towards it. In this case the event is the drop part of a drag and drop operation. The important concepts are: -    Publishing and consuming events -    Programmatically adding and positioning controls on screen -    Drag and drop -    Animation / Storyboard -    Internal Logic -    Calculating distance onscreen The images below show the starting positions, the seekers...