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C# is better! Well at least for project linking and complier directives for attributes.

So I have been one of a dwindling number of VB.Net advocates since I moved from Classic ASP (or  in other words shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct and the wheel was invented). However, today was the first time I had to use C# because I simply could handle ...

Silverlight, SEO & ASP.Net MVC – Part 2 (Solidifying a Strategy)

In the previous article we outlined a possible solution to getting links to your Silverlight Navigation Application indexed in the search engines. However, the implementation of the process left much to be desired. This article will address how to make a more robust solution to the problem and deal with some rules imposed by the search engines to prevent your from penalized by the search providers.

ADefHelpDesk New Release

The latest ADefHelpDesk release (A Free Open Source DotNetNuke Help Desk / Support Desk / Ticket Tracker Module) took over 30 hours of work. This is almost half the amount of time it took to create the first version. The reason it took so long is we finally added ...

Silverlight, SEO & ASP.Net MVC – Part 1 (Proof of Concept )

I have been experimenting with the new Silverlight Navigation Application project template, and the navigation framework in  general. Today, it struck me that there should be an easy way to combine the search engine friendly URLs and content of ASP.Net MVC framework and Silverlight Deep Linking. The MVC framework is setup to easily provide SEO links and content out of the box. However, Silverlight… well it returns “Get Microsoft Silverlight” to GoogleBot and the other search engine spiders trying to index your site. My hunch is this will not get you to the top of any search results.

DotNetNuke Menu Custom Scroller

It appears that there is not an easy way to override the content or the style for the area that appears in the DotNetNuke menu when you need to scroll through a long list of menu items. This is not an elegant solution, but it works for me. I ...