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Using RIA Services with the ASP.Net Web Site Project (WSP) template

Maybe I am a bit to “old school” but I still prefer to use the ASP.Net Web Site project type as opposed to the ASP.Net Web Application project type. I believe this comes from the time spent developing Classic ASP sites and being used to the more “Windows-Like” development ...

Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight 4 File Manager

Today we released “Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight 4 File Manager” Silverlight Bridge can run in "Out Of Browser" mode and access the local file system and allow dragging and dropping of files from the local file system to the server. Requires: ...

DotNetNuke and Fluent Validation

Fluent programming strives to provide for more readable code. Fluent validation provides more readable validation code. This is really important when you are building applications that have a lot of validation logic. There are two Fluent Validation ASP.NET libraries that I found: ...

SketchFlow Viewer featured on Channel 9

I just found out that the Microsoft Channel 9 program featured our DotNetNuke SketchFlow Viewer. The link to the video is here: (they talk about SketchFlow for about 5 minutes and mention the DotNetNuke SketchFlow Viewer at about 23.18)

A Silverlight Upgrade Advisor

ADefHelpDesk does not really need an "Upgrade Advisor" but I made one anyway as a proof of concept for the DotNetNuke Core Project. There are thousands of users who do have difficulty upgrading DotNetNuke. My theory is that it should be possible to make a module that users could install before they do an upgrade that would identify potential upgrade problems.