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LightSwitch And OData: Like Putting Out A Fire With A Telephone

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a relatively young technology. Its supporters, have various reasons for supporting it. For some it has allowed them to realize their dream application, for others it has allowed them to finally complete that long suffering project. For myself, my primary motivation is that it ...

Consuming The Netflix OData Service Using App Inventor

App inventor is a program that allows you to easily make applications that run on the Android system. This includes the Amazon Kindle Fire. Here are some links to get you started with App Inventor: Setup Set up your computer. Run ...

Interviewing Beth Massi about LightSwitch 2011 and the Community Program

At the Microsoft MVP Summit 2012 I had the pleasure to interview Beth Massi. cs_setInnerHtml('video_5f632cb7-0137-455c-b8a5-e58236e95719','');    

Creating a Hello World on Your Amazon Kindle Fire

When I received my Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas I immediately wanted to make programs for it. I am a Microsoft stack programmer and creating Android programs in Java using Eclipse is new to me…

Oh, And It's Also All About Productivity

If you stop and think about it, an automobile is an amazing thing. The automobile brings together several key elements such as cost, fuel, rubber tires. The result was a massive increase in productivity for the world...