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Creating a simple Silverlight 3 Behavior

After seeing this demo: [Mini-Tutorial] Blend 3: Rich Interactivity with No Code and the cool way she was able to simply drop a "Behavior" on a button and a menu displays (and allows you to set some properties using simple drop downs no less) and then the button is now able to make another element move, I had to learn how to make behaviors. There are examples on the web but all the ones I found were based on the Silverlight 3 preview and with the released version of Silverlight 3, there have been changes.

SketchFlow Rocks

SketchFlow included in Microsoft Expression Blend 3 is really a great program. It is a product that you didn't know you needed until you have it. Essentially after 2 hours of practice, I can now mock up a interactive website about as fast as I could sketch ...

The best modules are the ones that you use

Ian and I decided to use the Silverlight Chat a week ago and the conversation went kinda funny. There were long pauses and each person made comments that seemed out of place. After awhile one of us asked the other, "Did you get every message I sent you?". ...

Linq to SQL Left Join

I have avoided left outer joins in Linq to SQL because I have been always able to use a linq projection to get the needed values in a sub query. However, I had a bug in ADefHelpDesk that would not allow a search on the description of a ticket ...

Spent all day working on ADefHelpDesk

Well I spent all day working on ADefHelpDesk. I got these features in and released: Allows users in the Assigned group to selectively send emails to Requestor. ...