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HoloLens: First 24 hours (the good and the bad)

The first 24 hours with my HoloLens

Creating User and Roles Administration Pages for an MVC5 Application

You can easily build a User and Role management for you MVC 5 site that is using ASP.NET Identity

Step-By-Step OData 4 / TypeScript / AngularJs / CRUD Sample

Combined with TypeScript and AngularJs, Odata 4 provides an important component in creating modern SPA (Single Page Applications) quickly and easily.

Quick Attach To Process – One of My Two Favorite Features of OZ Code

I recently purchased the Oz Code “Magical Debugger” based on a personal demo I was given by fellow Microsoft MVP Omer Raviv who is one of the creators.

Number of New Users On The

Visual Studio LightSwitch is still alive and well. Here is the all-time list of new user registrations on the by month...