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New MEF Video Player Controls (1st Draft – Article to follow…)

Here is my first draft of producing the Video Player controls that will feature in Michael’s new article. This design is obviously open to reworks, as I’m not sure about the volume control at present. Looks like a Ventilation grill!!! It is possibly all a bit over the top, ...

How to Toggle (Show/Hide) using Behaviours (Behaviors) between Visual States or Storyboards in Expression Blend for Windows Phone 7

Thought I better quickly Blog this, as I struggled with showing & hiding a visual element on the Phone touch interface for quite a while… And couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere on the Web. And then all of a sudden it came to me & I wished ...

Expression Blend (Silverlight) UI Designer Tutorials

A growing collection of written Designer based tutorials for all UI designers in Expression Blend. Starting with buttons! And expanding from there… Follow this link for the series: